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Blue lighted staircase
Artistic Inspiration
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Design for Details It’s the little things that add impact to a customized home. If your space screams “builder grade special,” start looking for small ways to make dramatic changes: customized kitchen cabinet doors and drawer pulls, changing wooden spindles to wrought iron balusters within your staircase, squaring off your wooden stair treads for a more…

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Repair Chip or Scratch video
Love your floors: Care and Maintenance
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Easy Wood Floor Scratch Repair Most marks on a floor are indentations in the finish; however, there are incidents when scratches can cut through the finish and color – down to raw wood. While we try and prevent these mishaps, in lives as full and bustling as ours, accidents happen. Good news! There is no…

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Artistic Floors by Design
Announcement: Our Newsletter
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Our mission is to provide the best wood floor installation, sanding, and finished products with exceptional customer service to our homeowners. Part of that commitment is to share our expertise with you on a regular basis. From care and maintenance tips to the latest trends and images of our craftsmanship, we have content designed just…

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Wirebrush Border Sample
On-Trend: Wood Floor Texture Matters
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Texturizing your flooring by brushing the softer grain out of wood and adding color creates a unique style. Wood floor texture immediately draws yours eyes to the beauty created from the brushed pattern. Not only is it stunning, it’s highly practical. Wood floor texture has benefits such as: A great feel for your bare feet…

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