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Standard Wood Floor Installs
Standard Installs

Whether you want to lay a new floor, replace, or repair an old one, or refurbish an original floor, our expertise and attention to detail will add style and value to your space.

Patterned Wood Floors
Patterned Floors

From sculpted floors to borders, inlays, and medallions, patterns add a unique touch to your floors that can take a space from ordinary to extraordinary and they are the latest industry trend.

Textured Wood Floors
Textured Floors

You may have heard of handscraping, but have you heard of ceruse or wirebrushing or floors that glow in the dark? These, along with many others, are great techniques to add uniqueness to your home.

Stairs and Handrails
Stairs & Handrails

Transitions are an important part of home design. Whether you’re going up just a couple of steps or to another floor, stairs can make a great style statement in your space.

Unique Wood Colors and Finishes
Unique Colors & Finishes

We offer a variety of proprietary colors and finishes that make your floors beautiful and durable, including a finish that speeds up the curing time, allowing you in your space almost immediately.

Wall Art and Bars

From time to time we like to get up off the floor for our clients. From unique inlays on the walls to bars and wall art, our craftsmen can work with you to add the unique touch to your space.

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We treat every project like we're working on our own home

When you work with us, we promise you:

  • An end product that is suited to your style and your home
  • The highest possible level of craftsmanship and quality
  • Clear and consistent communication throughout the project
  • A detailed estimate that eliminate surprises